What’s the difference between a private and legal DNA test?

A private DNA relationship test is suitable for individuals who wish to find out the truth about a biological relationship in private, before deciding on the next step. For private knowledge testing, the DNA sample can be collected by anyone, without any witnessing, fingerprinting or other legal obligations. The sample collection process is quick and easy, and takes just minutes to complete.

A legal DNA relationship test is intended for court use and is accepted as legal evidence of a biological relationship in court. If a legal test is chosen, the sample collection must be performed and witnessed by an unbiased third party who has no interest in the outcome of the test. You may choose to arrange your own sample collection and witnessing services or you can choose to have us arrange for sample collection and witnessing at one of our collection facilities across North America.

Both the legal and private tests are equally accurate. The only difference is whether the sample collection is witnessed or collected in private.

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